Longyu Petroleum Machinery Equipment

                                                  David Gan

-ChongQing University of Science and Technology

-40 years R&D experience of Solids Control System Equipment

-Got many patents of Centrifuge Machines and Accessories

-Manufactured The First Centrifuge Of China

-Only one hobby: Research

                                 Dandy Xu

-China University of Petroleum

-20 Years R&D experience of Solid Control Equipment

-Got many patents about Shale Shakers

-Continuous innovation, strive for perfection

                           Jone Liu

-China University of Petroleum

-20 Years experience of Production and Management

-Know how about manufacturing mud pump accessories

-Strict and Enthusiasm

Solids Control System
Triplex Mud Pumps
Mud Pump Accessories

Blowout Preventer


In 1990,LPME manufactured the First Centrifuge of China (Mid-speed with 90 GPM/340 LPM).

In 1993,designedLW450-842N Mid-Speed Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge and GLW350/VFD-1248N Hi-Speed VFD Centrifuge(180 GPM/670 LPM).

In 1994,developed LW600-945N Mid-Speed Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge and GLW450/VFD-1250N Hi-Speed VFD Centrifuge(270 GPM/1000 LPM).Perfected the Planetary Gear Differential,It's like a strong heart in centrifuge,keeping it working stable and sturdy.

In 1995,LPME manufactured Centrifugal Pumps for pressuring,discharging,measuring and other drilling requirements.

In 2001,LPME researched and manufactured LW650-1250N Mid-Speed Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge with huge processing capacity and excellent barite removal efficiency.

In 2003,LPME started to manufacture Mud Pump Fluid Ends Accessories such as Bi-metal Cylinders,Crosshead,Cylinder Head,Piston Assy,Module etc.

In 2008,researched and developed the first Shale Shaker with Super Vibration Flange Motor,it's outstanding for the  huge processing capacity(1060 GPM/4000 LPM),high G force and amplitude.

In 2009,Completed the Solids Control System for oilfield drilling and got the sales right of BOP and Triplex Mud Pumps.

In 2013,in order to meet the solid control requirement,improve the barite removal performance,LPME designed the First Centrifugal Desilt-Desand Union Machine successfully.Save 70% power and 40% space than routine Desilter and Desander.

In 2014,Considering the environmental protection and drilling fluid recycle,LPME researched Drilling Fluid Recycle System for cuttings with oil-base mud.Remove and recycle over 93% oil-base mud from the drill cuttings,improved the drilling waste management and working environment.LPME Perfected the whole Solid Control System,so that reduce 10% manufacture cost,save more power and drilling cost.

Never stop the Research and Development with an eye on the future.


Oilfield Service

Providing drilling /well completion/workover/oil recovery/reservoir analysis/the foundation of automation system and technology
service/provide technology development /service consulting and engineering training services for domestic and overseas oilfield customers.


                  Solids Control

Get technical know-how about solids control.

Outstanding process performance and capacity.

Save maintenance cost and over 30% Power.

Impeccable Pre-sales and after sales service.

Secure,environmental and affordable.